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Uses 2 AAA Batteries
Reliable Uro-sensor
Vibrate only feature
2 Music tones selectable
Sound level is adjustable

1 Year Warranty on Alarm
Bed Wetting Alarms
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You can stop bedwetting in just days...
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Felix Bed Wetting Alarm Canada
Works like Dri Sleeper little less cost !
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How it works

The Felix enuresis bedwetting alarm works by having a small moisture detector attached to the outside of the underwear or pad insert which is in turn plugged into an alarm unit.

It takes only a few drops of urine for the moisture detector to trigger off the alarm and awaken the user.

When the child starts to urinate, a connection is made by the contact points in the detection unit - which in turn sets off a loud noise from the beeper on the child's shoulder.

Selectable Music Tones and Vibrate Only Mode.
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Free Shipping on Felix Alarms
FREE Shipping on Felix Alarms