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How it works

The Canada Dri Sleeper Canada enuresis bedwetting alarm works by having a small moisture detector (urosensor) attached to the outside of the underwear or pad insert which is in turn plugged into an alarm unit. It takes only a few drops of urine for the moisture detector to trigger off the alarm and awaken the user.
When the child starts to urinate, a connection is made by the contact points in the detection unit - which in turn sets off a loud, high-pitched bleeping noise from the beeper on the child's shoulder.

Obviously, this noise is loud enough to wake the child up, because all bedwetters are heavy sleepers. But more importantly, as the child wakes, the child's mind is being taught to wake up to the sensation of a filling bladder.
It's hard to believe, but the more often the DRI Sleeper is triggered by the bedwetter, the more powerful the learning to process to wake to the sensation of the filling bladder.

is it effective?
It might take a week. It might take a couple of months. But the fact is that research shows that a bedwetting alarm is the only method that actually stops bedwetting in most cases.
This is good news indeed when you discover that not only is an alarm like DRI Sleeper nine times more effective than some drugs, but drugs have worrying side effects and there is no conclusive evidence that drugs have long term benefits at all.

FAQ Questions

How is the Canadian DRI Sleeper alarm different from other bedwetting the alarms?
The DRI Sleeper alarm unit is small (about half the size of a credit card, but 5/8 inch or 15 mm thick), in bright, child friendly colours.
The Canada DRI Sleeper alarm has special electronics. When the detector is wet by urine, it triggers the alarm to start beeping, and almost instantly the alarm unit isolates itself from the detector, and then keeps on beeping but with no current running through the detector.
This is quite different from most other alarms, they have current flowing through the detector as long as the alarm is beeping. The problem with this, is that even although the current may be small and is completely safe, that small electric current can still cause the urine to become acidic, and this can irritate the child's skin.
In the case of the DRI Sleeper, this cannot happen, because there is no current in the detector.
Is the DRI Sleeper electrically safe?
The Canadian DRI Sleeper runs on only six volts and a tiny current, and it is so safe that you can put the detector on your tongue, and trigger the alarm, but you will feel nothing. All that happens is for less than a second a few microamps (which you can not feel) passes through the detector and triggers the alarm unit, which then keeps beeping.

How does the alarm turn off?

The moisture detector plugs into the alarm unit and this switches it on so that it is ready to detect urine. When the alarm has been triggered by the urine, the alarm will keep on beeping until the detector is unplugged from the alarm unit. This switches the alarm off, and also resets it ready to be switched on again when the detector is plugged in.

What sort of batteries does the DRI Sleeper™use?
The batteries are 4 X 1.5 volt alkaline "button type" similar to those used in a calculator. (Panasonic LR 44 or equivalent, we put a sticker inside the battery compartment showing the equivalent ones which are suitable).

How long do the batteries last?
They will last for approximately one year of use and would not need changing during treatment.

How is the DRI Sleeper Moisture detector different from other detectors?
The DRI Sleeper detector is unique. It is very thin (1/8 inch or 1.5 mm), 2 inches long (50 mm) and 1 inch (25 mm) wide. It is a molded unit, and is flexible and so can curve to the shape of the user, and is also very simple to wash and dry. More importantly, it is particularly suitable for boys who are inclined to miss the target if the detector is too small.

How does the detector stay attached in the underwear?
The detector is put inside a mini pad or pantyliner (any inexpensive mini pad or pantyliner will do), and this is done by cutting a 1 inch slit in the absorbing layers towards the top or bottom edge of the mini pad or pantyliner. Put the point of the scissors inside the slit, and moving them backwards and forwards and downwards, create a tunnel inside the absorbing layers so that you can slip the detector inside. Although the detector will usually stay inside the tunnel by itself, to ensure that it does not pull out, you can tape across the slit with a sticky tape. With the slit facing upwards, the mini pad or pantyliner is stuck into the crutch of the underwear using the sticky back surface of the pantyliner or mini pad.

Why do you advise putting the detector inside a minipad or pantyliner?
Consistently we have found that putting the detector in a mini pad is the most effective, because the mini pad provides a collecting area that is even wider than the detector, and it is very absorbing, and so quickly catches the urine and directs it onto the detector. You will also find that once your child is starting to respond to the DRI Sleeper that only a patch on the minipad will get wet, not the underwear.

Do I have to put the detector in a mini pad or pantyliner?
If you prefer not to use the mini pad or pantyliner, then you can cut some rectangles of any cotton material and sew a rectangle into the crutch of the underwear, making sure that it is just wide enough for the detector to slip inside and to be reasonably tight. The opening will face upwards.

Why not just have a clip or a dome on the underwear?

Over more than 25 years of treating bedwetting and developing bedwetting alarms, we have found that having a small detector, such as a clip or domes, attaching to underwear may appear to be an effective and simple way of attaching the detector, but in our experience it is too easy for boys in particular to miss the small clip or dome and so the alarm is not triggered. Clips and domes are also likely to come unclipped. For this reason we developed our FLEXItector™ which is long enough and wide enough for the first amount of urine to trigger the alarm.

Can the detector be used in a pull-up?
The detector is suitable to use in a pull-up. Simply cut a 1 inch (25 millimetres) slit in the pull-up in the crutch area, insert the point of the scissors into the slit, and moving the scissors from side to side, make a small tunnel into which you can insert the detector. To make sure that the detector stays in place, it can be useful to tape across the slit once you have put the detector inside.

How long is the detector wire?
The wire is 2.5 feet long (800 millimetres) and is suitable for children aged five years, through to adults.

relationship between the sound and the urge to empty the bladder, and the child being in a lighter state of sleep.

What if the DRI Sleeper does not wake my child?
Surprisingly these are the children for whom the use of an alarm is very important. Take a look at what well-known pediatrician Dr Green says. He explains that the children who initially do not wake to the alarm are very suitable for alarm treatment.
With these children the strategy is that you hear the alarm, go into the room, put on the light, say your child's name, and if no waking is happening, wipe your child's face with a cool damp cloth. Leave the alarm beeping.
Then have your child get up (by themselves) and go to the bathroom with the alarm still sounding, and ONLY then should you unplug the alarm.
The reason for this is so that waking is happening with the alarm sounding, and a link between waking and the sound of the alarm can be formed in your child's brain.
It is very important that in the morning that your child remembers the alarm sounding and going to the bathroom, because only if your child remembers will learning happen effectively.
However, for these children there is this extra step in the treatment program and so expect it to take longer.

ing. For more difficult cases go to 20 repetitions in the 3rd week.
If even this is not successful (and that's very rare) then leave it for a few months to allow more brain maturing and then start again.

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FAQ Questions Continued

But what if even that doesn't work?

When there is still no progress (and I guess its no comfort to you that not many children are in this category), a part of the learning to wake to the alarm is practiced during the day.
Have the alarm box already attached to a favorite pajama top, or maybe a T shirt that you have bought especially for this treatment (anything that makes the process special will help).
Check the alarm is working correctly by plugging in the detector and touching the sensing surface with a damp finger and noting that it beeps.
Before you follow this routine, make sure you know it well. Explain it to your child, and make sure your child understands that this praxes is teaching the brain to be ready to wake to the buzzer, and, that with praxes your child's brain will get fast enough to beat the buzzer. Then he or she will have dry beds.
1. From dinner time on, have your child drink extra liquids. This may sound strange, but we are wanting to get plenty of praxes at the routine of responding to the alarm.
2. Have your child tell you when he or she needs to go to the bathroom (you could call it having a “bladder signal” or any other term you like, as long as it is one that you have agreed on and you continue to use that term).
3. Immediately go with your child to the bedroom, have him or her put on the pajama top with the alarm box attached, lie on the bed, and pretend to be sleeping. Plug on the detector, but you hold on to it.
4. When he or she is relaxed, you make the alarm "beep" by touching the detector sensing surface with your damp finger. Then your child is to get up and you both run right along to the bathroom, with the alarm still beeping.
5. Have him or her unplug the detector from the alarm box, just as would happen if this were during the night.
6. When possible, another parent or sibling may also help, by going to the parents’ room and when the alarm starts beeping, "race" the child into the bathroom. Children of this age tend to like this kind of competitive involvement. It also encourages the sense of urgency to react to the alarm beeping.
7. Have your child splash his or her face vigorously five times in a row with cold water. Then pretend to use the toilet for a few seconds as if to urinate, and have your child say, "I have a bladder signal (or whatever is the term you have agreed on), but I can wait to urinate."
Return to the bedroom and repeat steps 3 to 7 above four more times. If your child cannot hold off urinating, then let him or her urinate and then continue until you have practiced steps 3 to 7 five times in total.
If after a week your child is still not waking to the alarm at night, then increase the number of repetitions to 10 times per even

How long will treatment take?

Typically treatment is 6 to 8 weeks, but with treatment of any condition there is a great deal of variability. If you are familiar with the normal distribution graph, then this describes the treatment time parameter, e.g., some children will respond and be finished with treatment within a week, a larger group take 3-8 weeks, and a small group takes longer. While it is quite normal for some children to take longer, if you become concerned about the time, just contact us at info@DRI-Sleeper.com.

My child sleeps very deeply so how will the DRI Sleeper help?
All children who wet the bed sleep very deeply, but research indicates that all young children sleep more heavily than adults, because they spend more time in the deep sleep phases. Therefore there is no consistent evidence that children who wet the bed actually sleep more heavily than children who do not. Nonetheless parents will usually agree that their bedwetter sleeps more heavily that their other children. So we have designed the DRI Sleeper alarm to be maximally alerting for heavy sleepers, firstly because of its loudness and position on the shoulder, and secondly because the frequency is particularly alerting.

An alarm clock does not wake my child and so how will the DRI Sleeper?
There are several reasons why the DRI Sleeper is more likely to wake your child.
(i) The alarm unit of the DRI Sleeper is placed on a Velcro patch on the shoulder of the child, and so is much closer than an alarm clock, and therefore, while the alarm clock may appear to be quite loud, it is not as loud as the DRI Sleeper .
(ii) The DRI Sleeper is triggered as the child starts to pass urine, and this is likely to be when the stage of sleep is closer to waking, and so there is a higher chance of the child waking to the sound.
(iii) An alarm clock being set to go off at a particular time will have no relationship to the child experiencing the urge to urinate, and so not only is the alarm clock not as loud as the DRI Sleeper , but it is going off without there being the important

How is the detector cleaned?
The detector is a moulded unit and so no urine or water can get inside. Therefore it is simple to wash in soap and water, or if you want an even higher standard of hygiene, then you can clean it in alcohol (e.g., rubbing alcohol from any pharmacy).

Do I need to buy a spare detector as well?
You must think of the detector as you would an earphone on a personal radio. With reasonable care the radio lasts for many years and so does the DRI Sleeper alarm unit. However, the earphone is the consumable item and needs replacing from time to time. The detector is the equivalent of the earphone, and just as people often have a spare earphone on hand, our advice is that a spare detector is a good idea.
What parents say! Bed Wetting Alarm Reviews

I am writing to tell you that the DRI Sleeper worked wonderfully on my son. It took him only 2 weeks. We are so proud of him and more importantly, he is proud. I can not thank you and your company enough. Best of luck to you all and again, THANK YOU."
B Cozzolino - IL, USA.

"After nine years of wet beds, my daughter is now dry every night. She has renewed confidence and is now enjoying sleepovers and camps she missed due to this problem. Your DRI Sleeper worked in 4 days! I wish I had found it earlier."
N Waller - Bellaire, TX, USA.

"I wish to express my thanks for what has turned out to be an exceptional product...it is amazing the results that have been achieved in such a short period of time."
M Vermeulen - Phoenix, USA.

"DRI Sleeper has worked wonders. Thank you for your advice and for taking time to get in touch, it was very much appreciated."
T Cliff - Australia.
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International research consistently demonstrates that using a bed-wetting alarm is the only treatment method proven to be effective for bed-wetting. It teaches the brain to respond to bladder before wetting starts.

New Break-Through Technologies unique to the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse:

Long term battery life of up to 3 years
World Patent Pending Urosensor™ technology - it’s the only non-metal urine sensor ever. So there’s no corrosion by urine, no skin irritation, and easy to clean for instant reuse.
The Urosensor™ docks on the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit when not being used and engages a second level of the battery saving technology.
The special electronics make the wireless Urosensor™ the thinnest of them all.
No wires between alarm and sensor.
DRI Sleeper® alarm unit size: 80 x 40 x 20mm (3 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches)
High volume with a tamper-proof volume adjustment.
Designed like a small 'space rocket' for child appeal.
The Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one DRI Sleeper® alarm unit, and so there can be another receiver in a parent's or carer's room.
Big detecting area to detect the urine.
How to use the Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm:

Put the Urosensor™ in the underwear (inside a minipad is best - click for alternatives).
Place the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit on a table away from the bed so the child has to wake completely to turn it off.
Switch on the DRI Sleeper® alarm and that's all.
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